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Immersion in Art

February 17th 2017


The end of January saw Year 9 immersed in artistic endeavours, with the aim of inspiring and encouraging development of their own talents.

Firstly, the girls were treated to a workshop by Gary Clough, a practicing artist in Sculpture, Drawing and Print.  He currently has an exhibition, Trace Engines, in the nearby Rochester Art Gallery, displaying both new work, and pieces produced during a residency in China.

Art-002   Art-001

This was followed by a visit to the Tate Modern to see two exhibitions, as Heather explains, “The first was Robert Rauschenberg, who was an expressionist, modernist and an appropriationist.  We also went to see Elton John’s personal photography collection which was entitled ‘Radical Eye’.”

Lila enjoyed the Rauschenberg exhibition, saying it was “very interesting to see the appropriation Rauschenberg used, by taking objects/ideas out of context and using them in his work.  He also used expressionist pop art in his work.”

Summing up the visit, Chioma said, “I really liked it because I was able to learn about new techniques and styles of painting and photography, such as appropriation and the False Camera Effect. This provoked discussion and debate.  It was enjoyable because we got to experience different aspects of art.”

We look forward to seeing the influence of the workshop and the trip on the girls’ work!