Why Choose Cobham Hall?

What qualifies as “getting an education”? Is it just what you learn in the classroom? At Cobham Hall, we think not.

Learning is in everything we do, from the moment we get up in the morning to when we go to bed at night.

Cobham Hall provides an all-round and distinctive education – a delicate balance between academic, practical and moral – guided always by our Round Square philosophies.

Academically, this year, nearly 70 percent of girls gained International Baccalaureate scores of 30 or more – a result better than 3 A grades at A Level – and many of our girls were accepted into the UK’s top universities.

We teach girls about calculus, the periodic table and the necessity of paragraphing, while never forgetting the practical – how to manage finances, the quickest way to change a duvet cover, good interview technique – and the moral – the importance of kindness, friendship and the value of service to the community.

We understand that a girl cannot be summed up by a set of grades ranging from A* to E or 7 to 1. We educate girls not simply so they can pass an examination, but aim to develop girls who have something more – an understanding of the world that is not just theoretical but practical, analytical, cultural and thoughtful.

Our close-knit and nurturing environment works to instil confidence and independence.

We understand that many of our girls come to us not knowing exactly what they want or where they fit, while others come with specific goals and careers in mind. We understand that everyone is an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses, talents and passions.

We understand that not everything Cobham Hall girls learn will come from a textbook or be learnt at a desk. We provide endless opportunities for girls to explore the world and discover themselves – some will choose books, others will choose student exchanges or community service projects; some will choose art or sport or leadership. Most will find a little of themselves in a variety of these activities. At Cobham Hall we give girls the tools to build themselves into admirable adults and provide encouragement and support as they undertake their very own construction project.

“Pupils are educated to a high standard and excel in extra-curricular activities fulfilling the school’s aim to develop each pupil’s potential in and out of the classroom.”-  Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, February 2015

“The school fully meets its aim to develop each pupil’s potential in physical, social, moral and spiritual areas.”– Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, February 2015.

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