Our Curriculum

At Cobham Hall, we believe that learning should be enjoyable, and that subject teaching should be interwoven, with girls encouraged to apply learning from one subject to another.

Thanks to our ethos of experiential learning, it’s not uncommon to walk past a German classroom and discover a flair for the dramatic as girls role-play scenes from a shop, or see a Geography class with an artistic twist as they produce working papier-mâché volcanoes.

In Years 7 to 9, girls follow the English National Curriculum.  In Years 10 and 11, girls study for GCSE and IGCSE qualifications and the International Baccalaureate is offered in the Sixth Form.

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For those that require it, extra help is available for those for whom English is not their first language (see EFL) or those with specific learning needs (Learning Support).

In addition, we offer a Pre-IB Course.  Taken as one-year course, girls have the option of taking GCSEs and IGCSEs.  The Pre-IB Programme can be adapted to suit a shorter stay of one or two terms, if girls do not wish to take GCSEs/IGCSEs, but instead wish to experience an English boarding school education, or to gain fluency in English. 

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We also offer an Intensive English Language Support Programme.  Designed for students who do not yet have the level of English required to access the full curriculum at Cobham Hall, students will receive targeted, intensive EFL tuition with the aim of boosting their language competence to a level which will enable them to integrate fully into mainstream lessons as soon as this becomes viable.

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As a non-selective school, we are delighted to consistently achieve good examination results and are proud that our girls go on to some of the top universities both in the UK and abroad.  





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