Sixth Form Overview

Walk into Brooke or Bligh, our two dedicated Sixth Form Houses, and you’ll receive a warm, friendly welcome from the girls who live and study there, day girls who are studying or visiting friends, and from the Housemistresses.  Both Houses are lively, comfortable and sociable – girls often cook together, laugh together and relax together.

Speak to the girls in our Sixth Form, whether they are boarders or day girls, and they’ll naturally use the words “family”, “sisters”, “home” and “friendly”.  As Cobham Hall Elder Lealah explains, “Everyone made me feel at home, and funnily enough, whenever I want to go back to Bligh House, I always refer it as home without even noticing.  The Housemistresses treated me like their own daughter.”  Guardian Steffi also offers a similar sentiment: “It’s true what they say about us Cobham girls – ‘Cobham friends are friends for life’.  Although some of us have only known each other for a short period of time, people underestimate how fast a friendship can be developed.  We are all practically sisters and I would not change any of them.”

It’s that family feel that makes Cobham Hall’s Sixth Form unique.  The two Boarding Houses, where day girls also have their own study bedrooms, often join together to share meals, play silly games or support each other with work.  Ana describes her experience: “Boarding is kind of like a sleepover for three months at a time.  Brooke and Bligh make dinner together every Saturday to strengthen our community and talk about our weeks.  We often talk about our home countries, cultural differences, and of course – how much we miss home!  Although it is hard at times, it’s incredibly comforting to know that you’re constantly surrounded by girls that are going through the same challenges as you.”

Life as a Sixth Former at Cobham Hall is very different to that of Lower and Middle School.  School uniforms are replaced with suits, girls find they have more freedom and independence, and are encouraged to take greater responsibility both for their learning and within school life.  From Round Square International Conferences, Service Projects and Exchanges, through to Model United Nations, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities, some of which the girls choose to run, there are plenty of opportunities to take a break from the desk, and to build up CAS hours for the International Baccalaureate Diploma.  Girls can also make use of the on-site facilities such as the gym or going for a walk in the grounds, or take part in weekend trips.

Opportunities. This single word can sum up Cobham Hall’s Sixth Form. Browse the website to find out more.