Main Hall Boarding

Main Hall is where Years 7 to 11, and Pre-IB girls live.  It is part of the original Manor House where Lord Darnley lived with his family when the Estate belonged to the nobility.

Year groups are separated into different corridors, with each Boarding area having their own common room and kitchen.  

In the younger years, girls share with two or three other boarders.  Each girl has her own area in her bedroom with plenty of storage space and pinboards.  Girls are encouraged to bring posters, photographs and other little knick-knacks to make their rooms feel like home.  Friendships are often formed when two unlikely companions share a room and find they have a lot in common.

In Years 10 and 11 and Pre-IB, girls usually share with just one or two others.  Girls have desks in their rooms in the upper years, to allow for more independent study.