Sixth Form: International Baccalaureate

Economics is offered at Standard and Higher Level in the IB Diploma Programme at Cobham Hall.

Economics seeks to develop international understanding and foster a concern for global issues, as well as to raise students’ awareness of their own responsibility at a local and national level. Economics also aims to develop values and attitudes that will help students reach a degree of personal commitment in trying to resolve these issues, appreciating our shared responsibility as citizens of an increasingly interconnected world.

The Economics course at Cobham Hall embodies global and international awareness: specifically international economics and developmental economics. Other topics in the course explore the ways in which different countries deal with common economic issues such as government intervention, market failure, sustainability, and achieving macroeconomic objectives.  Inherent in the syllabus is a consideration of different perspectives, economic circumstances and social and cultural diversity.

Students are expected to be able to apply appropriate technical vocabulary, economic concepts and theoretical knowledge to real-life examples. This requires them to read widely on and around the subject and be able to translate knowledge gained in the classroom into understanding the realities and complexities of current political and economic affairs worldwide. Debate and discussion of world current affairs is an integral part of the teaching and learning experience.