Theory of Knowledge

Pre-IB and Sixth Form: International Baccalaureate

This area of study is part of the core of the IB and sits alongside the Extended Essay and CAS.  Students must satisfactorily complete the Theory of Knowledge course in order to be awarded an IB Diploma.  In Year 13, students submit an essay and give a presentation which indicates the level at which they have engaged with the ideas of discussion, debate, research and problem-solving inherent in our theories about what we know and how we learn.

The Theory of Knowledge course inspires students to think about how we know and how knowledge is formed.  Theory of Knowledge reflects on the process of learning in all subjects students are studying as part of their Diploma Programme course, requiring students to make links throughout their subjects and form independent opinions.  This subject gives students the opportunity to think about their own values and shape their identity.  Students are often challenged through discussions with other students with different viewpoints, thereby challenging their own values.