IB English Language Acquisition

In the Sixth Form, English Language is an integral part of the International Baccalaureate throughout Cobham Hall.  The English B Course is taught as a language acquisition programme for girls whose first language is not English.

English B is offered at both Standard and Higher Levels. In order to embark on the English B programme of study at Cobham Hall, Standard Level students are expected to have attained B1 Level in English language competence according to the Common European Framework for Languages, and Higher Level students will need to demonstrate attainment of at least threshold B1/B2 Level.

IB students develop a deeper understanding of grammar through a focus on form and meaning, while learning to communicate in a variety of different registers.  Higher Level students also study at least two works of literature as part of their course.

Both the Higher and Standard Level courses present an opportunity to study a wide range of text types, including news bulletins, reviews, newspaper articles, advertisements, interviews, radio and TV broadcasts, and to develop students’ ability to understand and create language for a wide range of communicative purposes.

Students taking English B will learn to communicate fluently and clearly in spoken and written English, in a style and format suited to both context and situation.  Students will also learn to understand and use the cultural conventions of English and to explore the rich variety of the world’s lingua franca.  For those considering studying at a British university, English B will develop the academic language skills to support students in their chosen university course.