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300 – 1700

300:  A Roman farming family live in a substantial 8 room Roman farmhouse with underfloor heating. The villa, sited in the parkland, was discovered in 1959-1960

1208: Henry de Cobham, later to become the first Baron Cobham, lives in the manor house on the site of what was to become Cobham Hall.

1559: Queen Elizabeth I visits Cobham Hall, now the home of Sir William Brooke, 10th Lord Cobham. Work had just started on the first of the distinctive Tudor wings.

1613: King James I grants the Cobham estates to his cousin Ludovick Stuart, 2nd Duke of Lenox. The estates had been confiscated from the Brooke family following their involvement in the plot to put Arabella Stuart on the throne.

1625: Charles I and his bride Henrietta Maria spend their honeymoon night at Cobham Hall.