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Meet the Headmaster

Life constantly presents us with a stream of challenges.

They may be large or small, anticipated and planned for or sudden and unwelcome. The only guarantee is they will come, and in all manner of ways!

Through our Round Square ethos that embraces adventure, leadership and service, Cobham Hall students develop the global and transferable skills needed to overcome all manner of challenges.

Following the motto “There is more in you than you think”, the school aims to develop every facet of every individual to its fullest extent, be that intellectual, physical, creative, social or moral.  We teach girls – both in and out of the classroom – that learning is not just academic, but meaningful, practical and life-changing – for them and for others. By experiencing and learning compassion and understanding of others, Cobham Hall produces people who fully embrace democracy, internationalism and environmentalism.

Achieving this is a complex and exciting process which has led to the creation of a multi-faceted education experience extending far beyond the classroom, and gives us a big personality for a relatively tight-knit and intimate school.

I am proud to be part of that process.

Paul Mitchell BSc, Headmaster

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