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Boarding at Cobham

It is impossible to sum up Cobham Hall boarding in one sentence.  It simply does not do it justice to call it, as many schools do, “a home away from home” – although it is – but it is so much more than that.

The heart of our boarding community can be found in the smallest things – in good night hugs and bedtime chats, in card games and movie nights and the cheerful noise of the dining room at supper time.  It might be clichéd to say so but boarding at Cobham Hall is like living with a very large, very noisy, very international, very amusing and endlessly entertaining family.  Although more than half of our students are boarders – over 100 altogether – Housemistresses each look after only a small group of girls (particularly in the younger years) – so you will always have plenty of friends to choose from but you will not have to share your “mother” with too many other girls.

The majority of this section has been divided into two distinct parts to reflect the fundamental difference between the boarding experiences of our older and younger girls.  Main Hall, where the younger girls live, has a more structured routine and most activities are compulsory.  Sixth Formers lead more independent lives and, while guided and overseen by their Housemistresses, are expected to find their own balance between study, personal leisure time and organised activities.

Follow the links to find out more about boarding life.  Discover what a week in boarding might be like, meet the Housemistresses and find out what we get up to after school and at weekends.

“The boarding experience ensures that pupils are extremely well prepared for life after school.”
– Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, February 2015