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For those who dream of being a boarder (but their parents are not quite sure they are ready yet), for parents who work late or who (gasp) might occasionally like to take a holiday without their children and for those girls who are involved in a ridiculous number of extra-curricular activities which keep them at school until late, we have an idea: why not flexi-board?

Flexi-boarders do not live at school all the time, but board often or occasionally through the year. Girls can flexi-board at any age and at any time of the school year. Some girls stay on the same nights every week, some for an extended period while their parents are away, some stay for occasional sleep-overs and others stay once in a while for a big school event or a special occasion. Daygirls can even stay at the weekends if they want to.

On the nights daygirls stay, they become “honorary boarders” fitting right in with the nightly routine and getting up to all the things that full and weekly boarders do. Girls who stay very often will have their own area in one of the bedrooms just like full and weekly boarders, with their own wardrobes and chests of drawers as well as space to hang posters and keep little knick-knacks.

Flexi-boarding is also a good way to try out boarding for those considering full-time boarding later on. For example, some girls choose to become boarders when they start Sixth Form to get more out of school life, maximise their study time and still have time left over to spend with their friends.