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A typical week

How would one describe a typical week in boarding? No two days – let alone two weeks – are ever the same, but a typical week might go something like this:

Monday to Friday mornings

Girls in Years 7-10 are woken by a Housemistress at 7.15am – “Good morning! Rise and shine!” Mrs Didzinskiene is one of their favourite wake-uppers because she does funny things like tickle their feet if they will not rouse themselves.

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After school

At 4.30pm, lessons end.  Housemistresses open their office and girls crowd in, noisily, giddy with the elation of school’s end.

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Supper and Prep

Main Hall boarders come together at Supper time when the Dining Room fills up with girls once again.  Supper is an animated, social affair and sometimes girls have to be chivvied along so they are not late for Prep.  Prep runs from 6.30pm until 8.00pm (Year 7s finish half an hour earlier).

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“Free time” in Main Hall

After Prep, Main Hall comes alive again as Boarding kitchens are opened and girls take time to wind down and relax or catch the last bit of action for the day, playing outside in the Summer months or snuggling up on the sofa with a film when it’s colder.

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By 9.15pm, Year 7s and 8s are in bed.  Their lights go out at 9.30pm so they have 15 minutes for the last stories and ideas and jokes to be shared or the final few pages of a book to be devoured.

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Friday nights

On Fridays things are different.  Year 11 have no Prep on Fridays and can go out after school if they choose.  Years 7 to 10 have Prep time from 5pm to 6pm although sometimes girls in Years 7 and 8 are “dragged” off to activities like games or baking instead.

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Saturday mornings

On Saturdays, girls can get up a little later, as the Saturday programme of activities begins at 9.15am. Years 7 to 10 have a different activity or outing planned for each week.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday

Housemistresses, often with the help of girls, use the weekend to organise slightly more out-of-the-box activities – anything from a miniature Wimbledon to treasure hunts and the Amazing Race – Cobham Hall style (running all over the School and partaking in an entertaining mix of activities from making scones to charades, riddles and obstacle courses.  You would be amazed at what teenagers can do, when they put their minds to it!).

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