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Bedrooms and boarding areas

Girls in Year 7-11 live in Main Hall, which is the School’s main building.  It is the original house where Lord Darnley lived with his family when the Estate belonged to the nobility.

Boarding bedrooms are on the top two floors of the hall.  Each girl has her own area in her bedroom with plenty of storage space and pinboards.  Girls are encouraged to bring posters, photographs and other little knick-knacks to make their rooms feel like home.

In each boarding area, there is a kitchen and a common room with a television.  Main Hall has its own DVD library as well as a Playstation – Singstar is always a popular event!  The wireless network is accessible in most parts of the building.

Sharing a room

In the younger years, girls share with two or three other boarders.  Friendships are often formed when two unlikely companions share a room and find they have a lot in common (for instance, they both love One Direction.  Or Twilight.  Or both).

House staff assign rooms carefully, taking into account personalities and habits, as well as the girls’ own preferences.  For example if Charlotte and Betty prefer to go to sleep 10 minutes before “lights out”, but Peggy Sue and Jenny prefer to whisper for a few minutes after lights out, Housemistresses will make sure they do not end up in the same room (however if Peggy Sue and Jenny cannot stop whispering until 10.30pm they will not end up in the same room anyway!).

In Years 10 and 11, girls usually share with just one or two others.  Girls have desks in their rooms in the upper years, to allow for more independent study.

What else?

Housemistresses work together to look after all girls who live in Main Hall.  Girls can talk to any of the Housemistresses for advice, support, or simply just to have a chat.