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Mrs Michelle Gardner

Housemistress for Years 12 and 13 in Brooke House

Mrs Gardner lives in Brooke House with her husband Mr Gardner who works as a gardener in the school grounds. He is frequently roped into driving the boarders around in the school minibus, when they want to go out to supper, or shopping, or to the cinema – the list goes on!

Mrs Gardner spent many years working as a Senior Nurse in the children’s ward of a hospital before joining Cobham Hall nine years ago. She nurses our girls when they are ill as well as keeping all the girls in her house in order when they are well!

As a former boarder and a mother of two adult daughters, she is familiar with all the tricks girls might try (she attempted them herself when she was young!) and likes to think she is one step ahead of her slightly mischievous pack of girls.

She likes to think working with young people keeps her young, and the girls in the House kindly humour her when she tells them (each year) she’s turning 29…again. The cultural diversity and wide range of personalities in her House keep her entertained (and often on her toes). She’s a firm believer that you are never too old to learn new things. Teach on girls!