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A typical week

How would one describe a typical week in boarding? That is a trick question. No two days – let alone two weeks – are ever the same. So a typical week? It might go something like this:

Monday to Friday mornings

Sixth Formers have perfected the art of getting up and ready for school in record time. It helps that they have breakfast in their House kitchens.

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During the day

Sixth Form Houses are rarely empty, even during the school day. All Sixth Form boarders and daygirls have study bedrooms in one of the Houses where they work during their free periods.

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After school

After school, the houses fill up as girls return from lessons. For some, it is just a quick turn-around as there are so many options for after school activity in Sixth Form, both on and off school premises.

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Supper and Prep           

Some Sixth Formers go to the main Dining Room for a hot meal but many of them prefer to cook for themselves and their friends in their houses.

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After Prep

Girls are in their rooms by 10.30pm and are responsible for turning their own lights out. While they are not “tucked in” quite the same as in Main Hall, Housemistresses still pop around each evening to say goodnight and have a chat.

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Friday nights

There is no Prep on Friday. Sixth Formers often run activities or events on Friday evenings – miniature Cultural Festivals, wii nights or quiz nights.

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On Saturdays, girls can get up a little later, as the Saturday programme of activities begins at 9.15am. Saturday mornings for girls in Years 12 and 13 studying the IB include trips, workshops, revision groups and sessions on elements of the IB core – the Extended Essay, CAS and TOK. Girls in Pre-IB have a more structured programme in which they take a series of electives including Zumba, Cookery and Yoga, interspersed with trips and activities.

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