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Bligh House

Bligh House accommodates about 30 girls in Pre-IB, Year 12 and 13. Pre-IB girls share rooms in pairs while girls in Year 12 and 13 have their own bedrooms with some en-suite bathrooms.

Girls tend to be very chatty and laugh often. They form close friendships but they know when it is time to knuckle down and start their work.

The House has a kitchen and a large common room, with a flat screen television, plenty of comfortable sofas and lots of space for communal gatherings, dancing, singing, laughing, rehearsals, and birthday parties. Billy, the Bligh House fish, also lives in the Bligh Common Room along with Bligh’s very own leopard. Not to worry – it is very gentle. And made of cardboard.

Bligh’s Housemistress is Mrs Jackson. You can read more about her in “Meet the Housemistresses” section.