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Brooke House

Brooke House is home to about 30 girls in Pre-IB and Years 12 and 13. All girls have their own bedrooms with most Year 13s also having their own en-suite bathrooms.

There are also study rooms for Sixth Form day girls. Brooke House has a large kitchen and common room with its own large screen projector, perfect for movie nights and other social gatherings.

Wandering around Brooke House is an adventure. Entering each bedroom is like being thrust into a different world – the natural habitat of the teenage girl. The personality of its inhabitant is stamped on everything from the walls to the bed to the air. Some rooms are exceptionally tidy (some not so much – but the excuses occasionally seem plausible); some smell like flowers, others contain flowers. Some walls provide an artistic feast for the eyes while others introduce brothers and sisters, parents and friends.

Despite being hard at work for their International Baccalaureate Diploma, girls still have time for fun and go out to all sorts of exciting places such as supper at various restaurants, live music venues and even to West End shows in London.