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Outside of class lessons Drama allows girls to grow and learn in all sorts of ways – not all of them are dramatic, but all are valuable, many will cause laughter and many will bring new friends into girls’ lives.

The School Play

The biggest annual event in the Drama calendar is the school play. Girls of all year groups can get involved in all parts of the production, from acting to sets, props and costumes. However girls get involved, it is a fascinating, exhilarating and thought provoking experience.

Voice, Drama and Communication Skills

Voice, Drama and Communication lessons are a great way to improve self-confidence, voice projection, self-expression, become more theatrical (or learn to channel it in the right direction).  They can be taken individually or in pairs. Girls taking Voice, Drama and Communication skills frequently take part in LAMDA examinations.

GCSE and Sixth Form Performances

As girls in GCSE and Sixth Form prepare for their final examinations, the rest of the school are treated to performances of their work. Sometimes they are funny, often thought provoking, occasionally a little weird or even a little sad, but always creative and wonderfully entertaining.