Ethos and Values


At Cobham Hall, we celebrate diversity in all its forms.  From the many different nationalities and backgrounds that make up our student body, to the numerous and varied opportunities provided to develop and challenge our girls, diversity within education provides great benefit. 

Together with our nurturing environment, small class sizes, excellent peer-to-peer support, and relaxed interaction between year groups, our diversity enables girls to develop into young women capable of more than simply passing examinations.  Girls leaving Cobham Hall are young women who can step into the world with confidence in their abilities, eager to embrace opportunities, and who have an understanding, and practical experience, of working alongside people from different backgrounds and cultures.  They embody Cobham Hall’s motto: ‘There is more in you than you think.’

IMG 2801At Cobham Hall, we believe in educating the individual.  Being a small school allows us to be aware of each pupil’s talents, strengths and potential, and we aim to encourage every girl to develop all aspects of their character.  Girls are challenged both inside and outside of the classroom to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.  Our supportive environment means girls have the confidence to put themselves forward, to take a chance, to not stand back and watch others but to get involved, and – just as crucially – pick themselves up if things don’t go as planned. 

We are rightly proud of our academic progress and achievements but we also understand that this, and future success, can only be achieved by providing our girls with the tools needed to deal with life’s challenges and by teaching them to cope with all manner of situations they will encounter both in School and in life. With this in mind, we have developed a dedicated and integrated wellbeing programme comprising of both structured lesson time and supplementary extra-curricular activities that work towards achieving this aim.

With an integrated approach, this diversity of education – academic and pastoral, inside and outside the classroom – work together to develop valuable life skills such as confidence, consideration, resilience, perseverance, tolerance, communication, teamwork and so much more.  As a former School Guardian said, “Being at Cobham Hall made me realise that school is not only about succeeding academically… it’s about becoming a well-rounded person: polite, confident and someone who cares about global issues, yet helps in local communities.”

We aim to provide, and encourage girls to take, as many opportunities as possible.  This develops a wide range of abilities in each student, and encourages them to be the best they can be both academically and non-academically. By offering a caring environment and an inclusive spirit, and encouraging girls to challenge themselves – both their abilities and their perceptions – and by their taking part in everything Cobham Hall has to offer, students discover more about themselves. In turn, girls excel academically and leave us fully prepared for the path they have chosen.

“Pupils are educated to a high standard and excel in extra-curricular activities fulfilling the school’s aim to develop each pupil’s potential in and out of the classroom.”

Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, February 2015.


Everyone who is a part of the Cobham Hall community will embrace the core values of:


We aspire to be trustworthy; to act with integrity and be dependable.


We value respect; for each other despite our differences, for ourselves, and for our School.


We aim to be honest; to tell the truth always.


We believe in the power of kindness; its ability to promote wellbeing, to make someone smile and support one another.


We are tolerant; we care for each other regardless of our background.