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June 12th 2017

Evie's Royal Academy Success

10 Studio 14.55,14.57We’re thrilled that Year 13 IB Art student Evie has had her artwork selected for the Royal Academy A-Level Summer Exhibition Online.  Selected from over 2,400 submissions, the A-level Summer Exhibition Online is a showcase of just 49 outstanding pieces of artwork by artists aged 16-18.

The Art Department at Cobham Hall are particularly ecstatic about Evie’s success as it continues their tradition of producing students who have continually been selected by this prestigious institution.  Evie’s selection makes it seven years in a row that that Cobham Hall’s artists have been featured.  Art teacher Ms Lockheart said, “Evie is well-deserving of this honour and has proven herself to be a highly talented and creative young artist.  Having spoken to her at the weekend, she is absolutely thrilled with this honour.”

With a theme of ‘Here, There and Everywhere’, Evie explained her work, “Continuing my investigation of light and identity, I returned to look at my home as there was interesting light entering through large windows. Eager to create atmosphere using light, I used oil paint which dries slowly, allowing me to layer colours creating the desired glow. It allowed me to create texture in areas like the trees, creating dimension. I scraped paint using a palette knife, showing how the blinds let light through. I used a wallpaper stencil to allude to the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom that I would peel away to see the layer’s underneath. I was interested by this as in my old house I had lots of wallpaper but in my new house there is none, the situations in each house also differ. The wallpaper represented the old family life which had been left behind. I staggered these images down the wall when I presented them, showing them in the order which they had been painted and in order of decreasing wallpaper, showing a gradual loss through the imagery."

Congratulations to both Evie and the Art Department!  The exhibition can be seen here:


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