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June 23rd 2017

Lord Darnley

Adam DarnleyThe School was very saddened to learn of the death of Lord Darnley, the 11th Earl of Darnley, at the start of the week. He had been ill for some time and passed away in hospital.

Cobham Hall was the family home of Lord Darnley for many of the years prior to it becoming a school in 1962. The names of the families who have lived Cobham Hall are all commemorated in the names of the School Houses; Clifton, Lenox, Richmond and of course, Darnley.

Lord Darnley and his younger sister Harriet, who was one of the first pupils at the School and went on to become one of its first Guardians, were both born in the room that is now the Head's Study. Lord Darnley served as a Governor of Cobham Hall for the best part of thirty years and for many of those was the Board of Governors Vice-Chair. He always took a great interest in the School and was very supportive of it. In 1985 he became a founder member of the Cobham Hall Heritage Trust and was tireless in working to achieve its aims of protecting the gardens, grounds and garden buildings of the Cobham Hall estate and to educating the public in their historical significance.

The School sends its sincere condolences and best wishes to all Lord Darnley's family and friends. 

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