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June 02nd 2017

A Spectacular Showcase

Every Summer Term, we celebrate the talent that is flourishing within our Art and Music Departments with our Summer Art Exhibition and Music Concert.

This year, the evening was well-attended by over 120 parents and students, and the atmosphere of joy and excitement was driven by the delight the girls had in discussing their work with visitors.  The  satisfaction at their achievement was notable.  Art teacher Ms Lockheart commented afterwards, “This year’s artists have been a delight to work with.  They demonstrate thoughtfulness, creativity and a determination to work through the visual process with such a diverse range of approaches.  It’s something that the Department has really excelled at and continues to push forward: bringing out the best in our students artistically.”

The girls’ work has been developed and inspired by a variety of experiences, from the input of outside artists running workshops, to taking the students to galleries to experience work in the flesh. 

Head of Art Mrs Karen Walsh spoke at the event, passionately explaining the necessity of a broad and balanced curriculum, which will prepare students for life in modern Britain, and that the Arts are a key part of this.  She also highlighted London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s recent interview where he insisted that it is a "false economy" to make cutbacks that affect the Arts, at a time when countries such as China and Singapore are introducing them.

After enjoying the range of artworks produced across the school, from Lower School through GCSE Art to IB Visual Arts, guests filtered into the Gilt Hall for a concert of World Music.

Head of Music Miss Penny Clements explained, “We sang in Chinese, Tamil, Mauri and Hungarian among others.  I was very proud of the girls and their attitude and responsiveness to new world music sounds. It was vibrant, energetic and fun!  It was also the last concert for the Year 13s and some of the Year 11s, and so was a poignant reminder of how far they had come.  I’m incredibly proud that the choir’s Year 13s are both off to study music!”

The evening is best summed up by the reaction of parents who contacted Miss Clements afterwards saying:

“Fabulous! Every time the girls perform, I think "now top that"...and they do...every time! Dedicated performers and dedicated staff, amazing.”

“Just a note to say congratulations on tonight's show.  Speaking as a musician, I can say there are not many music teachers that could have put a 'World Music' show of that quality together.  The girls’ stage presence shows that they genuinely love working with you both too and because of this give everything.”

We look forward to next year’s event!

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