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June 22nd 2017

Rain doesn't dampen Cobham Hall Girls' Spirits

It was bound to happen… the last two occasions were bathed in sunshine, so Cobham Hall was probably due for a Sports Day rain shower.  Thankfully, it came at the moment track and field events had largely finished, and so was a welcome break before the relays commenced.  But it certainly didn’t dampen spirits!

Girls, staff and parents arrived early this morning with sunhats and sunglasses at the ready, and settled into the stands to cheer on the competitors.  As ever, the morning was action-packed, with records tumbling in both track and field events. 

Perhaps most exciting was watching Year 10’s Teloni tackle the High Jump.  With a school record set by Billy-Jayne Kidd in 2010 at a height of 1.50m, Teloni was determined to beat it.  She had previously jumped a personal best of 1.52m so expectation was set.  As fellow competitors Rosie, Kathryn and Britta achieved their maximum heights, for Teloni, the bar slowly creeped higher.  Clearing easily with space to spare as the bar was set at 1.50m, it was raised, and again, and again as Teloni beat the record, beat her personal best, and cleared a massive 1.60m! 

It wasn’t long after that the rumble of thunder could be heard, and streaks of lightning flashed across the sky. With everyone taking cover in the stand, soundman Mr Hillier played a familiar number and it wasn’t long before the girls were on their feet singing and dancing to the Macarena.  The rain may have stopped play, but it wasn’t about to stop Cobham’s girls – and some of their teachers – from having a little fun in the break.  Cha Cha Slide swiftly followed Macarena, and then ‘Let it Go’ – resoundingly being belted out at the tops of the girls’ voices.  After a short musical interlude, the rain lifted and the relays began. 

Scores were close across the four Houses all morning, with first place changing hands frequently. With the relays finished, girls and staff gathered eagerly to see if they were in the winning House.  Would last year’s winners, Richmond, take the glory again, or would Darnley – so dominant in House competitions all year – win the ultimate Inter-House Sports competition?

“Well done, girls,” complimented Head of PE Mrs Hooper before announcing the winner. “There’s been fantastic House spirit, which is always great to see.” Asking for a drum roll, Mrs Hooper announced the results in reverse order.

4th – Richmond

3rd – Lenox

2nd – Clifton

1st – Darnley

Headmaster Mr Mitchell rounded off the proceedings, “We’ve had a wonderful day today, the weather tried to spoil our fun, but in many ways made the day even better than a normal Sports Day – your reaction was an absolutely wonderful example of our spirit.  It was also wonderful to see more and more of you are getting better at your sports, well done all.”

Congratulations to all who competed and well done to Darnley House!

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