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July 03rd 2017

Festival Day: Community, Dreams and Friendship

“Dreams are the driving force of our lives. Everybody has dreams, no matter what class, age, race or gender you are. We live in a society where we focus on our differences, instead of on the distinct, obvious, connections we all have. Our failure to see these similarities can have devastating consequences on our world.”

The words above, spoken by Year 13 pupil, and former Guardian Tilly opened her speech at this year’s Festival Day.  The last day of term, always a celebration of achievement, took on an additional poignancy this year.  Not only were we celebrating and saying goodbye to our student leavers, but also to our Headmaster of nine years, Mr Paul Mitchell.  The day took a more reflective approach, and friendships, dreams, opportunities - and the encouragement to follow them – had a significant presence.  As well as the traditional awarding of prizes, and performances by the girls – including a Harry Potter themed drama sketch involving the spell required to conjure a new Head – the day was framed around several speeches.

Speakers included Mr Martin Pennell, our Chairman of Governors, as well as Mr Mitchell, Dr Coates-Smith, our Deputy Headmistress, who will be taking over as Head in September, as well as former and current Guardians Tilly and Lillie.  Throughout each of the speeches, there was a common theme – that of the community at Cobham Hall, and the friendships formed, the opportunities provided, created, and taken by students and the importance and encouragement to dream and to follow those dreams.

Well done to all who won prizes, and good luck to all who are moving into the next phase of their lives.


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