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October 05th 2017

Tag Day Protects 240 Acres of Rainforest

At the end of the Summer Term, our Student Leadership hosted their first fundraising event – a Tag Day.  It was a truly Round Square event, with several IDEALS demonstrated.  Guardian Lillie explains.


Prior to the SLT Tag Day, we decided to give the girls the opportunity to choose which charity they would like the proceeds raised to go to, as Democracy is one of the Round Square IDEALS. 

We presented three different charities to the girls, and the Rainforest Trust won the most votes.  The SLT had included this charity as we wanted to represent a range of differing charities to the girls. In addition, we felt it was fitting as Cobham Hall is very eco-friendly and promotes environmentalism, again referring to our IDEALS. 

I think the girls opted for this charity, as we haven't raised money for an environmental charity before, it was something new and through Geography and ESS lessons, many of the girls were aware about the issues of deforestation.

We decided the theme for our first Tag Day was to be "Blast from the Past", hoping that this theme would be an easier one to participate in, as many clothes have come back into fashion.  The girls didn't disappoint, as it was a very successful day and it was lovely to see all the different outfits from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

As one of our first SLT events, we were really pleased with the effort the girls put in to dressing up and delighted with the great feedback we received from allowing the girls to choose the charity.  We were thrilled to find out recently that our fundraising was triple-matched, resulting in 240 acres of Rainforest being protected!

- Lillie, Year 13

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