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October 13th 2017

Debating the UN's Moral Clout

The Humanities Forum met for the first time this new academic year to debate the motion: “"This Forum believes that the United Nations does not have the moral clout and authority to handle pressing world crises such as the Rohingya Muslims or North Korea’s attempt to become a nuclear power.”

Year 13 History students Victoria and Lillie were arguing in favour and against the motion respectively.  Both girls showed clear evidence of research, using many examples to support their viewpoints.  As with many Forum debates, the girls discussed the motion eloquently, and handled tough questions from assembled students and staff well.  The debate called into question the support the UN received from the international community, past treaties and their effectiveness, and the morality of the P5 being nuclear powers and arms dealers, as well as the impact of this on the Security Council.

Congratulations to both girls on their research and their performances.

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