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October 11th 2017

Time Flies when you're having Fun...!

Cobham Hall’s annual Autumn Taster Afternoon/Sleepover and Open Morning seemed to fly by incredibly quickly this weekend.  They say time flies when you’re having fun, and that seemed to be very true for our overnight visitors, many of whom were still enjoying the School and being with their new friends as parents began to arrive.

The event began on Friday afternoon, when girls began to arrive for their Taster Afternoon and Sleepover.  The girls enjoyed an afternoon experiencing Computing and Latin lessons, both of which were very hands-on in true Cobham Hall-style.  Mrs Marin, our Latin teacher explained, “We did a quiz on Roman food, and places that the Romans went and then created mosaics.  The girls enjoyed the craft activity and it was a lively atmosphere for most of the lesson.”  Meanwhile, just down the corridor in T-Block, Mr Eyers was opening the young girls’ eyes to the world of coding,  “We looked at coding the BBC micro:bits,” he explained. “We started creating a scrolling message on the LED matrix and then moved on to create a dice simulator.  Teaching them how to create the code for a single die they were then able to adapt their code to work with multiple dice.  They all seemed to really enjoy the session and had great fun watching the micro:bit light up with their own programme. The lesson flowed well with lots of students participating and completing the set tasks.”

Lessons over, the girls were whisked to Boarding where they spent the evening making Unicorns using paper plates and a variety of accessories and enjoying activities arranged by our Head of Lower School, including a storytime workshop, where girls talked about reading and shared their favourite stories, and then did some relaxing, mindfulness-themed activities such as character colouring, puzzles, quizzes and designing based around specific books and authors,

The following morning dawned with many of the girls eager to tell their parents all about their stay.  Open Morning proceeded to be incredibly busy, with lots of highlights throughout the morning.  As always, our girls did the School proud, with lots of praise given about tour guides, those helping in different subject areas, and performing or giving speeches.

Dr Coates-Smith reflected afterwards, “There were lots of positive conversations on Saturday morning with several guides mentioned by name by various visitors as being excellent.  Vanessa and Alicia delivered their speeches at the presentation, and both came over as excellent examples of what an education at Cobham Hall can produce.”

Visiting parents and their daughters discovered everything that Cobham Hall has to offer, which was neatly summed up by Deputy Guardian Vanessa, who spoke during the Headmistress’s speech, saying, “Cobham Hall is full of opportunities - whether you are adventurous, sporty, creative or academic.  Cobham will encourage you to try new things, it will help you find out what you are good at and encourage you to be the best you can be. I hope that one day in the future, someone sitting in this room could be taking over my position as a Deputy Guardian, Guardian, or one of the House Captains. You may think it's a long way away, but trust me, your time at Cobham will fly by very quickly, like the famous saying "time flies when you're having fun".”

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