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November 22nd 2017

Royal Navy Bring STEM to School

Girls in Years 11, 12 and 13 enjoyed a visit from the Royal Navy Youth Engagement Team this term. The morning opened with a presentation from the team about the varied work of the Navy, and was followed by leadership exercises for Year 12 and a STEM-based challenge for Year 11.

Year 12 were split into two groups, with one activity in Clifton Common Room and another in the Gilt Hall.  The first activity was the ‘Towers of Hanoi’.  The group leader had to face the wall, while her deputies explained the situation and the team carried out the instructions to complete the movement of the tower of discs from one pillar to the other.  The task was designed to demonstrate the importance of precise, clear communication.

Meanwhile, the Gilt Hall had become a ‘minefield’, where girls had to use the equipment provided – a tube, some lengths of rope, and a balloon – to clear a ‘bomb’ from a cordoned off area without stepping into the zone. Again, the task developed skills of communication, teamwork and leadership.

“The sessions we had from the Royal Navy were very insightful,” commented Zara, Year 12. “I had no idea about all of the opportunities that they offer to young women. Their team/leadership-building activities were hilariously difficult, but taught me the importance of clear communication.”

Year 11 were presented with a challenge based around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  Using a few pictures of an already-built catapult, and a bag of component parts, the girls had to attempt to recreate the catapult, before testing them in West Court. 

At the end of the sessions, the Navy team commented on how impressed they were with the girls’ attitudes towards the challenges and the thoughtful, considered questions asked and discussions that were had.  

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