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December 05th 2017

Cobham Activist

At Cobham Hall, we have an extensive extra-curricular programme, but we also encourage Sixth form pupils to set up clubs and activities if they feel something is missing. This academic year, Year 12 pupil Zara launched 'Cobham Activist'. Here, she explains the club.


Cobham Activist is a club that I have recently been organizing with my peers. The purpose of Cobham Activist is to bring awareness to modern social injustice, through sharing our opinions with each other. 

The club takes place during lunchtime and in each meeting we discuss topics like pay gap, gender roles, racial stereotyping, and LGBTQ rights. What pushed me to organising this informal discussion group was opening my own eyes and coming to a conclusion that the world is not perfect. Discrimination prevails in our current world and it is not as obvious as it once was. Discrimination is institutionalised, without many people realising. 

There have been many positive revolutionary movements which have made a great impact in history, but conversations needed to be sparked for the end results to be achieved. Cobham girls are a part of the next generation who have the responsibility of bringing a new wave of ideas and beliefs that can change our own community. Bringing up difficult issues that would typically be brushed over is essential to making an change in the future. That is what this club is about; creating a safe, friendly environment where we can share our sometimes differing opinions. 

As an international school it is important to be exposed to different views and perspectives on the current events that we face today, so we can learn and individually grow. It is essential to have a place to share our different opinions to spread awareness. This is the goal of Cobham Activist, and so far, many girls have opened up and shared their views through debates and difficult conversations. In the future, our hope is that girls who attend this club will be able to naturally spark up conversations among their peers. 

- Zara, Year 12

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