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December 13th 2017

Parents Get Coding

Towards the end of the Autumn Term, Parents and Guardians attended Saturday school at Cobham Hall to be taught the basics of coding by their daughters, in a ‘Morning of Code’ session set up by Computing teacher Mr Eyers to celebrate National Coding Week.

During December, Computing teacher Mr Eyers decided to celebrate National Coding Week by inviting Parents and Guardians to enjoy ‘A Morning of Code’, where their daughters/wards would teach the basics of coding.  The session started with Mr Eyers explaining that coding is the language used to write computer programmes.  He also explained why and how it is taught.  He then handed the reins to the girls, spending an hour encouraging and helping them to ‘teach’ their Parents coding.  They used different challenges from and some of the Parents completed two challenges within the hour!  Some of the challenges were based on well-known apps, games and films such as Flappy Bird, Star Wars, Minecraft, Frozen and Angry Birds to name a few.

After a short break, some Parents carried on with the ‘Hour of Code’ website while others started coding with our Lego robots. Some Parents were also very proud of the certificates that they had achieved and wanted to do more.

The session proved popular, with many Parents saying they now had a better understanding of what their daughter was doing at School, enabling them to be in a better position to support her, and that they really enjoyed learning a new skill and would really like to learn more.  Mr Eyers is currently looking at the possibility of another session later in the year, so watch this space!

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