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December 09th 2016

Creative Energy!

Year 7 are not set Prep during the holidays, but this term, during the half-term break, the girls were invited by Head of Science Mr Fryer to get creative and make a poster of an island showing a variety of energy resources they had been studying.

Well, for our girls, a poster simply isn’t creative enough! Despite it not being Prep, the girls rose to the challenge magnificently, crafting some incredible 3D ‘Energy Islands’.

“The best scientists are not the ones that simply regurgitate what they have learned,” emphasised Mr Fryer, “but, instead, are creative and look at things in a different way.  The results of the students’ efforts were absolutely extraordinary.  I was amazed by the girls’ ingenuity, artistry, commitment and enthusiasm.  Truly wonderful, and the best year of doing this project so far – which has been 13 years!

Not only did the girls get to consolidate their learning, but the project also provided an opportunity for families to work together.”

When the girls returned after the break, they presented their models.  Pupils were not given a mark out of ten; instead, they were invited to praise and make constructive suggestions for improving the island models. The energy resources studied included the non-renewable options of coal, oil and gas, as well as renewable sources: wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, wave, HEP, and tidal.

Well done, girls the islands look marvellous!

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