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February 02nd 2018

MUN Delegates Impress at Conference

Ten students, representing three delegations (Brazil, Germany and Uruguay), set off for Lady Eleanor Holles School to attend LEHMUN 2018 on Friday 26th January.  Amongst the group there was a range of MUN experience but all were looking forward to a weekend of negotiation, debate and discussion with students from eleven other schools.

Some old hands faced new challenges, such as Anna, Year 11, who sat on Security Council for the first time.  She said “It was really interesting and I really grew in confidence.”  Year 12's Britta proposed a clause in General Assembly for the first time and was delighted to have it passed by an overwhelming majority.  Reflecting on the weekend she said it was “fruitful, imaginative and thought-provoking”.  For Sarah in Year 11, it was the first experience of a conference and she got off to a flying start speaking three times in her committee session.  She says “before the conference I was nervous for the weekend but decided to try something new and as it turns out I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it”.  Lila, Year 10, spoke many times in the Human Rights committee and one of her comments was mentioned as the most memorable quote of the day.  As well as the academic side of the debates, Lila enjoyed making new friends and working as a team with her own delegation.

Model UN Conferences encourage students to widen their understanding of the world and see global politics from a different perspective.  Diplomatic skills are required as they work with other students to pass resolutions attempting to solve a range of global problems from women’s rights and climate change to the crises in Yemen and Myanmar.  Delegates also have to develop their confidence to speak up for the views of their assigned country, arguing their points, taking questions and challenging other speakers’ opinions.  The Cobham Hall girls were certainly up to the challenge getting involved in all these areas and none more so than Britta, who spoke several times in General Assembly and won a highly commended award for her participation in the Economic and Social Committee.

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