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February 07th 2018

A Weekend in Switzerland!

Four Year 7 students had the opportunity this weekend to experience a Round Square Conference as they travelled to Switzerland for a weekend of adventure in Zurich.

Accompanied by School Librarian Mrs Jakso, Daisy, Elena, Ella and Kesi headed to The Inter-Community School Zurich for the Round Square Youth Conference, entitled ‘Adventure through Discovery’.  The girls enjoyed a range of outdoor activities, as well as barazas and getting to know other students.

“The Zurich conference was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” exclaimed Daisy. “It was great fun. I learned a lot and made new friends. There was such a range of different activities, such as skiing, snowshoeing, curling, and team-building. There were also interesting Baraza groups, which I had never been a part of before. I learned a lot about Switzerland as we went on a Fox Trail around the city.  If I ever get the chance to go on another Round Square Conference I shall definitely be applying!” 

As well as adventurous outdoor winter sports, the girls took part in other activities, as Ella explained, “We did a compilation of team building activities on the last day such as minefield, bomb drop, tightrope walking and many more.  One day we did an arts and crafts activity and made paracord survival bracelets.”

As always, the Round Square experience was about more than simply having a great time. “The trip was a good confidence builder,” said Kesi. “A chance to make new friends and work with people you haven’t met before. I would love to do this again.”

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