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February 14th 2018

Unicorn Association Fund Climbing Wall

Just before the half-term break, the Sports Hall of our Activity Centre had an exciting addition – a Freedom Climber: a combination of rotating and tranverse climbing walls. It creates a realistic climbing experience with all the physiological benefits of continuous climbing but in a safe, low-level environment.

Our Parent-Teacher Association, Unicorn, who hold regular fundraising events for Parents, Staff, Elders and Pupils throughout the school year for the benefit of the school community, funded the wall. We extended our thanks to the Association and everyone who supports their events.

Nine revolutions on the rotating wall is the equivalent of climbing 51m – the height of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square! For the more adventurous, 224 revolutions would take them to the summit of Ben Nevis, whilst 1475 revolutions is the number needed to climb the height of Mount Everest!

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