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February 09th 2018

Climate Change Discussed at Forum

This week, our Humanities Forum convened to discuss the motion, “Transnational Corporations are the largest barrier to reducing the effects of climate change.” Sixth Formers Jana and Andrea took the podium to argue for and against, respectively.

History and Economics student Andrea spoke first, blaming a lack of awareness for transnational companies contributing to climate change when they first starting appearing. She went on to cite examples such as Nike, Ikea and Coca Cola as companies who are actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint and change their culture to become more sustainable and thus have a positive impact on the environment. She also argued that in many countries, such companies are in a position to influence the Governments to promote sustainability.

Geography and Economics student Jana countered with an array of statistics, citing oil and petroleum companies, as well as those within the automotive industries.  Arguing that many US based corporations were more reluctant to acknowledge climate change, Jana gave examples where some have hindered sustainability efforts to protect profits, such as installing catalytic converters in some countries but not others.

The girls then faced questions from the floor, and handled these very well. Discussion ranged from the impact on working conditions if profits are diverted to sustainability initiatives, as well as debating where demand for change came from; whether the companies themselves wanted it, or if it was forced on them by the consumer.

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