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March 19th 2018

Parents Attend MUN

Last week, Parents and Guardians were invited to a General Assembly meeting of Cobham Hall’s Model United Nations group. The Assembly was co-chaired by MUN regulars Shakira, Year 12, and Paige, Year 10.  Shakira summarised the evening. 


The topic chosen was the question of the Syrian War along with the safety and well being of the thousands of refugees fleeing the violence. This was challenging as the delegates had to find the balance between helping as many refugees as possible along with considering the comfortable capacity of the countries accepting them. 

As the chair, I was impressed with the high quantity and quality of the points of information as this made the debate more exciting and tested the girls who were accepting them to think outside the box and on the spot, which are great skills to have.

As Syria was in the committee, the delegate provided a radical, opposing speech against the resolution which heightened the debate even more as it allowed the argumentative side of it to really begin. Overall it was a great debate to chair and the topic stretched the delegates to really test their skills. I’m sure the parents in attendance were very impressed!

- Shakira, Year 12


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