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February 27th 2018

A Conference of Firsts

This weekend, several girls attended Felsted School for a Model United Nations Conference.  The theme of the conference was ‘Empowering Women to achieve Global Equality’. 

For some, like Alisha, Year 10, it was the first time attending a Conference. “I thoroughly enjoyed this conference,” she said afterwards. “I was able to speak and grow confidence over the two days, and make many new friends.  I also enjoyed the dinner we had with another school where we were able to socialise with other students. I am looking forward to going to another conference in the future.” 

For more experienced MUN attendees, they still got to chance to have new experiences, such as Shakira, Year 12, who sat on Security Council for the first time, and Maia, Year 10, who spoke in General Assembly for the first time. Speaking of this experience, Maia said, “I didn’t really think about it at the time if I’m being honest. I was completely absorbed in the moment and in my assigned country’s beliefs.  I know there’s no right or wrong in MUN because it’s all about how your country feels on the topic and so you put forward those views with facts to go with it and I feel that I delivered that in my argument.”

As well as serious debate, and the chance to hear from inspirational keynote speaker Katie Maude-Barker from the Campaign for Female Education, there was also time to socialise, with the girls enjoying a now annual dinner with delegates from Langley School in Norwich.

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