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April 06th 2018

An SLT Reflects...

The Spring Term is a time when the baton is passed from one Student Leadership Team to the next. Here, the outgoing 2017/18 team reflect on their tenure and offer advice to the incoming team.


Being part of the SLT has been an honour. It’s meant so much to be a part of the School’s growth and development, but just as importantly, it allowed us to get to know other pupils from all years so much better. Being the voice of the students, and being able to create events to make the other girls so happy, and that encourage them to develop their skills too, meant so much.

As well as representing and supporting our peers, and giving a little something back to the School that has given us so much, being on the SLT gave us the opportunity for us to develop skills such as teamwork, communication, and confidence. Our roles within the SLT allowed us to make friends and memories we will cherish forever.

Reflecting over the year, outgoing Guardian Lillie had some advice for the new SLT: “I’d tell them how important it is to work as a team,” she said. “I found things were done more efficiently and to a higher standard. I’d also say to just enjoy it and have fun because the year is over before you know it.”

Teamwork is vital for any SLT. “It was out greatest strength,” explained outgoing Lenox House Captain Emma. “We could always rely on each other and everyone brought their particular strength to the team to help get the best possible outcome. I’d encourage the new SLT to stick together. You might not always agree, but you were elected as a team; you’ll have obstacles but by working together and not giving up, you’ll find a good, balanced answer.”

“It’s also really important to not forget about the students you are representing,” explained outgoing Richmond House Captain Emily. “Their voice matters as much as anyone’s and they are what makes Cobham Hall.”

“Knowing it’s all coming to an end is truly a thought I try to avoid,” revealed Emma. “Considering this is my fifth year as a Boarder, and the only one from Scandinavia, it’s been such an adventure. The main thing at Cobham Hall is the community we have, as well as the teachers’ belief in every single student that is unique at Cobham. Few places have I found where so many people are confident enough to be, and believe in, themselves.”

Emily agreed. “Cobham Hall has a comfortable community. You feel like you can achieve anything without being judged by others. Not only that, but I feel extremely lucky to have been in an environment full of different cultures which has widened my global engagement.”

“It is not the building,” outgoing Deputy Guardian Victoria said, “nor the size which makes a school as special as this one, but the people who surround us.”

Leaving Cobham Hall is a nostalgic thought also for outgoing Deputy Guardian Vanessa, who has been at the School since Year 7. “I feel attached to the School and the people here,” she explained. “I think I will definitely feel like I’ve lost a part of me when I leave Cobham as the School helped shape me into the person I am today. Its position as a Round Square School has also influenced my career path.”

Looking ahead, outgoing Darnley House Captain Bonnie suggested that it would be nice for the new team to continue previous events, but also interesting to see what new ideas this SLT have.

Outgoing Clifton House Captain Saskia agreed, saying she “hoped the new SLT would create their own traditions and leave their own personal mark on the School.”

If we could give the new SLT any advice, it would be to try their best, enjoy every minute of it, but to keep in mind that your job is to represent the students and make their time at Cobham Hall even more special.”

- Lillie, Victoria, Vanessa, Saskia, Bonnie, Emma, Emily (Year 13)

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