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April 13th 2018

Beauty and the Beast: The Inside Scoop

The Spring Term ended with a three-night run of the annual School Production. This year’s choice was Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Leading ladies Bonnie and Britta, our Belle and Beast, give their take on the show.


Bonnie (Belle): “Looking back on performing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ I could not have asked for a better last show. Although I’ve enjoyed every play I have taken part in, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is definitely my favourite. Not only was the musical a perfect choice but the cast, as Mrs Gough said, became a company. There were many bumps in the journey, but the experience was unforgettable, and I will remember this for years to come.  I’m very proud of all the girls for creating the show we did, especially the girls in the younger years as it was a big commitment.

I am thankful for the perfectly selected cast and talented crew that we had; for Harriet (Gaston) who continually made myself and everyone else laugh; for the ‘Castle Friends’ (Lucy, Maisy, Tara, Shakira, Rachel and Rhiannon) who always had smiles on their faces through every practice; and for, of course, Britta (The Beast/Prince) who was always there by my side ready to catch me if I fell (which may have happened throughout many rehearsals and even on some performances!), and I am very glad I was able to work alongside her.

After years of plays and musicals, I cannot believe that this was actually my final show and I know I speak for many when I say we may have cried after the final performance, but we were so lucky to have our fellow cast mates and friends with us.”

Britta (Beast):  “During my many plays at Cobham Hall, none have been quite as fun (or as hectic!) as 'Beauty and the Beast'.  Throughout the rehearsal experience, there were smiles and laughs at  questionable costumes; awe at the moving backdrop; lots of hugs for the Year 7s and 8s who came together splendidly as a chorus, and tears from some as the show came to a close.

For me, it was absolutely unforgettable, and now looking back with fond memories of those months; the moments that sum up the love we had for our show were on the closing night, looking out at Mrs Gough's face as the Year 13s managed to put into words what we all felt, and after our bows as Bonnie and I shared our final seconds as Beauty and the Beast. I could never have asked for a more hardworking and inventive friend than her or a more creative crew of people who worked for so long and so hard to put together what really was a breathtaking show. So, to everyone in the play, to everyone who came to support us, and to all the unsung heroes of backstage: thank you for making those moments incredible.”

- Britta, Year 12, and Bonnie, Year 13.

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