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April 24th 2018

Olivia and Meghan's Tag Day

Girls at Cobham Hall are encouraged to take part in assemblies, with Tutor Groups often taking the lead working together to give an assembly on a given topic. Last week, Year 12 student and Darnley House Captain Olivia, alongside her sister, Elder and Teaching Assistant Meghan gave a moving assembly on why they are hosting a non-uniform day at school today.

Olivia and Meghan opened their assembly by explaining Meghan’s story.  In 2010, when Meghan was a Year 9 pupil at Cobham Hall, she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour called Craniopharyngioma. She underwent treatment, including two surgeries, to remove the tumour. However, in 2011, the tumour was found to have returned, leading to radiotherapy.  Following her visits to hospital, Meghan and her father embarked on a fundraising journey to raise money as a thank you to the hospital. Together they raised almost £50,000; you can read more here.

Introducing their Tag Day idea, Olivia explained “I didn’t get to take part in much of the fundraising, as I was still fairly young at the time.  However, when I was trying to think of an idea for my CAS project, I decided that it was my turn to fundraise for a good cause, and for one that is close to my heart, which is why I chose the Brain Tumour Charity.

“In aid of Brain Tumour awareness month,” she continued “I will be holding a tag day next Tuesday, 24th April, as part of my CAS project.  The theme will be grey, to support the ‘Go Grey in May’ campaign for brain tumour awareness.”

As well as a donation to wear grey clothes for the day, girls will also have the opportunity to purchase items to raise further funds for the charity. 

Meghan explained the charity’s work, “The Brain Tumour Charity are committed to funding research into brain tumours, from the earliest lab studies to clinical trials. Their strategy has two over-riding goals: to double survival within 10 years in the UK, and to halve the average years of life lost to a brain tumour from 20.1 years to 10 years by 2025. As well as halving the harm that brain tumours have on quality of life in the UK by 2020.”

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