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May 09th 2018

Award-Winning Author Visit

Girls in Years 7 - 10 enjoyed a visit from award-winning author Ruth Eastham earlier this month. Giving a talk in the morning, Ruth discussed the writing process of several authors and then ran a workshop for Lower School girls in the afternoon.

Throughout her talk, Ruth discussed elements of the writing process, from how to get motivated, to how other authors, including herself gather inspiration. She suggested this could come from anywhere – your own experiences, films, or, as she did for her novel ‘Arrowhead’, from the news.

Giving advice for getting started, she said, “Use that first image, that first idea for a story, and build up around that using the senses to create a detailed scene.”  This was developed in the workshop, where girls were encouraged to talk about a special memory.

“It really helped me pursue my descriptive writing,” commented Tara, Year 7, afterwards. Sabrina, also Year 7, agreed saying, “It really helped me find ways to improve my creative writing.”

The visit was one of several events this term to promote literacy, which has also included a sponsored readathon – Read for Good – which raised over £100, and a Scholastic Half-Price Book Fair, where over £300 worth of books were sold.


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