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May 25th 2018

Head of Art 'Bursting with Pride'

The Summer Art Exhibition was again this year a resounding success. Head of Art Mrs Walsh declared to the assembled guests that she was ‘bursting with pride’ at the quality of the girls’ work, from Year 7 through to Sixth Form work.

The Library and Clifton Common Room hosted the exhibition, with stunning pieces on display. The Year 7 students' work showed their exploration of cross-curricular links between Art, Music & Dance and produced artworks directly inspired by their surroundings here at Cobham Hall.  Year 8 have explored Cubism, Cubist sculpture and Aboriginal works to produce some beautiful coloured lino prints inspired by researching environmental issues and aboriginal painting techniques.

The Year 9 students have explored movement, the Futurists, development of the Visual Elements within observational studies including Colour and Structure, and Year 10 have been developing work in two and three dimensions inspired by natural forms.

The GCSE artwork showed how the students’ skills and knowledge of the formal elements in two and three dimensions have improved over the two-year course. Also exhibited is their response to the examination theme of ‘Fragments’.

The IB work demonstrated how the girls have explored very personal ideas and themes in their two-year course. They have investigated their cultures and identity whilst working through visual problem solving techniques and researching both contemporary artists and artists from the past to inform their development. The girls have worked in a wide variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography.

The rich variety of work on display is testament to the creative encouragement they have at Cobham Hall. As Mrs Walsh explained, “If we want our creative industries to flourish, we must make sure that an Arts education is valued in schools. Whilst some secondary school children are being deprived of arts and creative subjects, young people at Cobham Hall are provided with ample opportunities for personal development in the fields of self-expression, sociability, imagination and creativity, through both the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.”

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