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June 04th 2018

Dungeon Escape Room

At Cobham Hall, we encourage girls to be imaginative, and draw from their own experiences. This was put into practice when Catherine, Lana and Jana created an Escape Room in the School’s dungeon, described by a member of staff as “by far the best I’ve done!” The three girls, who all joined the School at the start of Year 12 in September, reflect on the experience.


"At Cobham Hall, we are given so many amazing opportunities, especially in the Sixth Form. This year, we were given the opportunity to complete a CAS project as part of our IB Diploma. Our main focus was to give back to our school by giving the staff and students a fun experience.

Catherine completed an Escape Room for a friend’s birthday party in Year 11 and was in complete awe of the cleverness and enjoyment of such an experience. When the opportunity to complete a CAS project came up, she thought it would be a perfect opportunity to make one, especially since the School has so many historical rooms that would be perfect, like the dungeon.

The theme for the Escape Room came from our own experiences as well as months and months of planning. We spent at least an hour each week putting our heads together over a paper-submerged table, planning clues and discussing a believable storyline. Following that, we spent a long time designing and making the clues for the room as well as collecting a huge number of props from the Drama Department and our own homes. Making the clues and props was extremely enjoyable, albeit a bit overwhelming with all the planning that went into the project.

We were absolutely overjoyed when we finished setting up every little detail in the room. As the student and staff commenced with solving the clues, we felt nothing but anticipation and excitement to see our months of work being solved like an intricate puzzle (easily in some cases!).

We tried to make every session seem completely realistic and make the experience special for each and every group. We had to help in a few of the sessions, which came along quite well. We believe that the fact that some found groups found the room more challenging than others, meant that overall, we did a good job. The whole object of this Escape Room wasn’t to test your intelligence or how logical you are but to have fun with your friends!

We enjoyed working together as a group. The fact that we all got along so well was instrumental in our teamwork and communication. However, the end result made all our challenges worthwhile, and we gained a fantastic experience to meet students and staff we have not before, especially given the fact that we all only joined Cobham this year. We also gained the opportunity to bring some fun and joy to our school community, which was satisfying in itself.

After every session, we felt so fulfilled and proud. The responses we received truly made the experience worthwhile and deserving of its challenges.

Overall, the Escape Room was a lot of work! Despite the long hours spent running the Room and the exhausting planning; it was worth it! This CAS project allowed us to try something we've never done before, and all the skills, experiences and memories we gained contributed to its success and completion! The students and staff loved alike and it was wonderful to give the members of our school a unique experience. It also provided us with irreplaceable experience in planning, problem solving, time management and team work."

- Catherine, Lana and Jana, Year 12

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