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January 21st 2016

Cobham Hall Girls Race for Life

This year, Cobham Hall will be staging our own ‘Race for Life’ event. Supported by Cancer Research, the event will enable parents, friends, staff, siblings, and students to take part in the event together on school grounds, at a time that fits into our busy calendar.

With the motto “Together we can create more tomorrows. Together we can beat cancer sooner”, the event was the idea of Clifton House Captain Georgia who said, “Race for Life is an event which I have had aspirations of organising for the majority of my time at Cobham Hall.  Having joined as a boarder the day after learning of my mother’s cancer, it is an event which holds extreme emotion and meaning for me.  A year after my mother’s diagnosis, I entered a Race for Life competition and I will love sharing this fight against cancer, and celebration of medical research advancement, with those at Cobham Hall.  I am very grateful that the Student Leadership Team has taken on this event and hope that this will allow for it to be bigger and better than I ever could have imagined.”

The Student Leadership Team are determined to make the event a success, and have asked staff to support them by integrating the topic of cancer into their lessons, for example looking at the science behind cancer in Biology lessons, the history of Race for Life and advances in cancer treatment over the years in History class, the statistics of cancer in Maths, and training methods in PE.  Not only will fundraising come from sponsorship for the race itself, but the girls of the SLT are incorporating extras opportunities to raise money, such as a cake stall on the day. 

We’re sure that the event will be a huge triumph for the Student Leadership team, as they come to the end of their term in office.

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