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July 11th 2018

Discover the Artist in You

TahiryIn a day and age where our mind is constantly swept by waves of social media, bombarded by posters, manipulated by billboards and TV adverts, it is difficult to stay afloat and keep our sanity in a clutter free thinking zone.

So, is there still room for creativity when we seem to depend so much on take-away TV junk food for our passive mind? News headlines and top stories are carefully selected to capture our interest, shock us with their raw reality while more entertaining programmes are being served as tasty desserts for our emotions.

To resist the invasion of this overstimulating fabricated world, I need to retire temporarily from its busyness, in order to reconnect with the reality of my inner life and tune with my thoughts and feelings.

Creating space for reflection and listening to the inner voice of creativity have led me to explore new avenues and try out new skills. I have always been interested in art but was too fearful to step in, due to lack of confidence. I soon changed my mind after attending a painting workshop which gave me the desire to go further.

“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse

Disregard our age, we are all endowed with an amazing gift of imagination. Whether we use it to write creatively, do some DIY or maths problems, design a project, dance with quirky moves, all of us have the potential to generate brilliant ideas!

For me, creativity is a deep ocean teeming with life and I would happily dive in this limitless sea of adventure everyday!

Before starting a painting I always pray for inspiration and many times the finished picture doesn’t always reflect my original plan! However, making room for fluidity has freed my spirit to explore wider horizons. My favourite painter Akiane started as a child prodigy and she continues to share her spiritual visions behind her paintings.

Creative writing is another hobby that I relish. I wrote my first detective short story at the age of 12, then kept a personal diary as a teenager. Many years passed until I finally rekindled the flame of my vivid imagination in 2014. I was thrilled to have some of my poems featured in a collection of inspirational writings.

It has given me great pleasure to write in French and in English and I continue to experiment with a variety of literary genres: short stories, prose, poems and children’s stories.

My painting and my writings both carry a personal and universal message about the beauty but also the trials of life. I share videos of my poems based around my Christian faith on Youtube. The channel is called T Waterfallinlove and features short poems with a music background.

I believe that we carry a secret flame of inspiration inside our hearts . It is time to fan it and carry this olympic torch, ready to impact the world around us.

So, why not take the time to find more about yourself while learning new skills? It will open new doors of self-discovery, increase your confidence and energise your positive outlook on life.

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