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June 25th 2018

Sun Shines on Lenox

In stark contrast to the rain of last year, this year’s Sports Day took place on one of the hottest days of the year so far.  We were also kindly welcomed to a fantastic new venue – the Dartford Harriers Athletics Club.

With moment-perfect music provided by Mr Hillier, on-point commentary from Miss Elliot, and enthusiastic cheering from girls, staff and parents, the final Inter-House Sports Competition of the year was underway. As well as organising their House teams, our SLT added their touch to the day by bringing along pom-poms – in House colours, of course!

By far and away, the most delightful thing about Sports Day again came to the fore, when girls would not only voice their support and encouragement for all competitors, but also run alongside for the last few metres to the finish line – regardless of House. The day truly epitomises the community, family feel of Cobham Hall.

Congratulations to all girls who took part, and to our Victrix Ludorum winners – Bo and Maisy. Finally, with an apt House colour of yellow reflecting the sunshine, well done also to Lenox House, our Sports Day victors! 

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