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June 15th 2018

Cross-Curricular Study

The Arts Faculty recently completed a cross-curricular project with Year 7 to illustrate the strong links that exists between Art, Music and Dance.

The Art Department studied Kandinsky’s painting, Composition VI, and made artworks in response to listening to three different types of music. They were orchestral, string and computer generated. Kandinsky believed that pictures could create mood and feeling as directly as music.  His beliefs, and recent research, has shown that most people associate bright colours like yellow with high-pitched sound, for example, the crash of a cymbal, and that most people associate dark colour like blues, purple and black with low-pitched sound, for example, the sound of a bass guitar or the low notes of a piano. Kandinsky said that ‘Colour is the keyboard. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano, with its many strings. The artist is the hand that purposefully sets the soul vibrating by means of this or that key’.

The Music and PE Departments responded in the form of music and dance to Mondrian’s painting called Broadway Boogie Woogie, one of his best known works. It shows an energy directly inspired by New York City and the musical genre of jazz. The colour and pattern echoes the pace of life in the bustling metropolis.

Below are some examples of Year 7’s response to wild and explosive orchestral music, full of sharp crashes from the percussion, and the repeated blasts of brass instruments.

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