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September 03rd 2018

Back to School and a New Chapter for Cobham Hall

There’s a buzz in the air at Cobham Hall.  A beautiful sunny day showing the grounds and the building off magnificently, and the excitement of welcoming new Boarders today and new Day Girls tomorrow. Joy too, at reuniting with returning pupils, eager to hear their summer adventures, and anticipation of a new, busy term ahead.

There’s not only the excitement of a new school year for Cobham Hall. This September, we welcome our new Headmistress, Ms Maggie Roberts. Joining us from her position as Deputy Head Pastoral at Queen Anne’s, Caversham, Ms Roberts brings knowledge of leading an all-girls school, as well as experience of providing excellent pastoral care and of Boarding.

Ms Roberts also has a wealth of experience of Round Square, having worked in three Round Square school, including Schule Schloss Salem, one of the founding schools. Ms Roberts has run two Round Square International Conferences and has led at Round Square International Service Projects in South Africa and Thailand.

Of joining Cobham Hall Ms Roberts said, “What struck me most about Cobham Hall when I went on Conferences with the girls or attended meetings at the school, was that it was a special place. Small in numbers but big in every other way. I was struck by the spirit of the girls and the way in which the staff interacted with them. They were clearly a part of something special - the girls were confident and the staff were caring.  It is a close-knit community where people support and look after one another. I am privileged to lead a school like Cobham Hall.”

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