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October 18th 2018

An Autumnal Inter-House Cross-Country

The Autumn chill, complete with a light drizzle, provided the perfect setting for the Inter-House Cross-Country event this week.

Lesson 6 on Wednesday was given over to the event, with all girls in Years 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 competing. The event began on West Lawn, in front of the School, and wound a 3km course around the grounds; through woodland and across lawns.

Our Southern Schools Cross Country Champion, Year 11 pupil Maisy set the pace, with Year 8’s Natasha coming in second, and Team GB triathlete, Year 12’s Lilly, coming third. The top ten were awarded medals, but Mrs Hooper was enthusiastic about all the girls’ efforts, “It was a fantastic event,” she commented, “with great effort put in by all.  There were some incredible performances across all Year Groups, and we had a very strong top 20 this year, which was fantastic to see!”

The top 20 places were as follows:

  1. Maisy, Year 11, Lenox
  2. Natasha, Year 8, Darnley
  3. Lilly, Year 12, Clifton
  4. Hannah, Year 7, Lenox
  5. Jessica, Year 11, Richmond
  6. Selina, Year 9, Richmond
  7. Elena, Year 8, Richmond
  8. Alice, Year 10, Clifton
  9. Niu Niu, Year 10, Darnley
  10. Enya, Year 9, Clifton
  11. Trinity, Year 10, Lenox
  12. Rosie, Year 12, Darnley
  13. Olivia, Year 8, Clifton
  14. Amber, Year 9, Richmond
  15. Poppy, Year 7, Lenox
  16. Ella, Year 8, Lenox
  17. Adele, Year 7, Clifton
  18. Rosie, Year 10, Darnley
  19. Amelia, Year 11, Clifton
  20. Holly, Year 11, Darnley

The full House results will be announced in assembly after half-term!

Click here for more images from the event!

Edit: 12th November 2018

House results have been announced. Congratulations, Darnley!

1st - Darnley

2nd - Lenox 

3rd - Clifton 

4th - Richmond




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